Grease and line a baking dish with either waxed or baking paper  (I use a Cornola Cooking Spray).
Note:  (I spray the top of the paper lining the dish as this makes it much easier to pull off the paper once sponge has been cooked)

Ingredients and Method
3 large     eggs
cup       sugar

Beat egg whites until stiff  (Using an electric mixer)
While mixer is running, add egg yolks to mixture - mix well
While mixer is running, gradually add sugar to the mixture (dropping spoonfuls over it) - mix until mixture becomes thick  (sugar should have dissolved).

Gently fold the sifted dry ingredients into the mixture (I find it much easier to fold these dry ingredients into the mixture in a larger bowl with a large whisk)

1 Tbspn        cornflour
 tspn           flour
1 Tbspn        cocoa

Pour mixture onto the greased paper lined baking / oven dish.  (Refer below for sizing comments)

Bake for 10 15 minutes @ 200oC    (190oC in a FAN Oven)
(Baking time will differ with larger baking dish eg 3 x recipe 20 minutes)


               Prepare a light towel eg, tea towel and sprinkle cornflour evenly over it (use a sifter) in readiness for when the sponge is cooked.

               The sponge is cooked once it starts to come away from the sides of the dish.

Once sponge is cooked:
               Remove from oven and turn (upside down) onto the tea towel, lightly dusted in cornflour, quickly peel the paper off the sponge, immediately roll up the sponge (with the towel). 
               Place on a baking / oven wrack and leave to cool.
              Once sponge is cool, carefully unroll and remove the towel.
              Spread with whipped cream (can also use jam if desired)
              Ice with chocolate icing.

Chocolate Icing:
1 knob of butter                 )  heat  water and butter in microwave
2 Tbspns cold water         )

1 cup icing sugar (sifted)   -    could well need more
1 raised Tbspn cocoa  (sifted)

Add dry ingredients to water and butter mixture and beat together to a smooth consistency  -  using a whisk (ensuring no lumps).
May need to add more icing sugar / hot water to get the consistency right (refer note below).

Icing Notes:

               The mixture needs to be easily spreadable with a little thickness (not really runny), otherwise you will lift the top skin layer off the sponge when spreading it over it. 

               If the icing is too dry it will rip the top layer off the sponge as you try to spread it over better a little too runny than too stiff. 

               The icing also covers any damaged parts to the sponge during rolling etc.


               The above recipe is for a sponge roll tin with low sides - size:  240 x 330mm                (depth 20mm)

               I make 3 times the mixture and use a large square deep dish - size:  350 x 370mm     (depth 80mm)