Fresh Salmon pieces / fillets (with skin on) - de-bone before marinating

1/3 cup dry or med/dry sherry
1 tspn sesame oil
1 tspn minced or grated root ginger
1 tspn minced garlic
1 cup light soya sauce (do NOT use dark soya sauce as it will overpower the flavour)



Combine all ingredients in container - add lid and shake.

Place fresh salmon in a container (plastic) and pour over marinade, cover and leave for 10 - 20 minutes (no longer) - marinate at room temperature or in the fridge.


Pour marinade off salmon (keeping marinade in a container in the fridge for further use).

Spray tray with olive oil and place salmon on tray, skin side down. Bake in FAN oven at 190oC (200oC for non-fan ovens) for 8-9 minutes depending on thickness of fillets.




I find this marinade makes the salmon nice and moist, its so easy and hassle free to use once you have made up the marinade. Once marinade is made up, keep it in the fridge and reuse several times.